Bring Together

Bring Together

Optonique - Quebec Photonics Cluster

A Cluster is a provincial grouping consolidating expertise in a given sector of economic activity. Fostering competitiveness and growth, it allows the sector to stand out internationally.

The Quebec Photonics Cluster achieves wider mobilization than is possible in niches that are local in scope. As a federating organization, it unites Quebec’s photonics sector around common objectives of innovation, growth and competitiveness. Optonique mobilizes industry, research centres, educational institutions and industry partners, and supports its members in the following four strategic vectors:


  • Employability

    Contributing actively to resolving the labour shortage in the sector by providing members development training and recruitment support.

  • Commercialization

    Supporting the marketing and export of technological advances and offering to members specialized support, including pavilions at conferences and international trade missions.

  • Innovation

    Supporting members in their search for innovation funding. Promoting intersectoral and international networking between Quebec and Canadian companies. Targeting commercial and research partnerships.

  • Production

    Increasing the productivity of the industry with an inventory of the various funding programs and offering specific training to support productivity.

Government Partners

Private Partners