Quebec is Canada’s leading province for optics-photonics, with over 168 SMEs/SMIs and manufacturers and 21 research groups and centers. Together, they generate over $800 million in sales, export over 85% of their products and services, and employ over 7,500 people in all. Over a quarter of the Canadian optics-photonics industry is located in Quebec.

Quebec optics-photonics companies are remarkably dynamic. Active in a wide variety of sub-sectors (e.g., vision and imagery, instrumentation, sensors), they are highly competitive and tend to develop innovative technologies with applications across multiple industries, including aerospace, life sciences, manufacturing, telecommunications, and defence.

A few statistics on Quebec’s optics‑photonics industry:

Quebec entrepreneurs and researchers in the industry had expressed the need for a province wide forum that would act as a source of synergy for promoting their optics-photonics technologies and expertise at the local, national, and international level. Optonique’s main role is to unite the optics-photonics businesses, research centers, and academic institutions operating in Quebec.

Optonique, Quebec’s pole of excellence in optics-photonics, was officially launched by government representatives on September 5, 2017. The pole of excellence is recognized by Quebec’s ministry of economy and innovation (MEI) as part of the ACCORD initiative (concerted action for regional cooperation and development). Optonique also receives support at the federal and municipal level through partnerships with Canada Economic Development (CED) and the City of Quebec.


The pole of excellence in optics-photonics exists to invigorate Quebec’s optics-photonics ecosystem and provide it with representation; to increase its capacity for foundational and value added projects; and to foster innovation, creativity, and competitiveness.


The pole of excellence in optics-photonics works to mobilize and unite all of Quebec’s optics photonics stakeholders so that their knowledge and technologies can have a greater impact in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world.


Mobilize businesses in the optics-photonics sector and their public sector economic partners and align their actions around common goals and intervention strategies.



  • Marc Corriveau

    President of the board of director

    General Manager & LBU Canada, ABB Canada

  • Patrick Sauvageau

    CEO, Zilia

  • Marie-Eve Ducharme

    Vice president of the board of director

    President & CEO, Nüvü caméras

  • Geneviève Paré


    Business development director, Amec Usinage

  • Éric Desfonds


    Product Line Manager, Sensors-Defense and Aerospace, Excelitas Canada

  • Denis Lafrance


    General Manager, Optech

  • Simon Thibault


    Professor, Laval University

  • Sylvain Thériault


    Coordinator, MEI

  • Jean-François Morneau


    Economic Development Advisor, Ville de Québec

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