Accelerating Innovation Program in optics-photonics

Accelerating Innovation Program in optics-photonics

Accelerating Innovation Program

As part of a partnership between Optonique and NRCIRAP, the Accelerating Innovation Program aims to help optics-photonics SMEs meet the operational, commercial, financial, competitive, and technological challenges they face nationally and globally.

A flexible program, specialized in innovation management, and adapted to each SME/Start-up maturity level. The Accelerating Innovation coaching process is interactive, adaptive, and personalized, with multiple contacts over a 3 to 4 month program roll out, including 4 workshops.

• Identify new business opportunities that can generate revenues, consolidate the competitive position and enhance the company’s achievements over 1-, 3- and 5-year horizons, according to an action and funding plan;
• Stimulate innovations in products, services, processes and methods, coupled with renewed business models;
• Allow SMEs to connect with the Optonique and NRC-IRAP networks;
• Implement an innovation strategy based on research partnerships and increased linkages with NRC-IRAP’s Industrial Technology Advisors;
• Encourage the development of skills and organizational capabilities in innovation management.


For more information, contact Maxime Hince, Business Development Manager :