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Did you know that there are over 7,500 jobs related to optics photonics in Quebec? And that many organizations have trouble filling key positions? Optonique’s mission is to promote the industry and provide opportunities for optics photonics professionals to meet and join forces. Through its network, Optonique offers a directory of quality companies and job seekers.

  • Accountant Technician

    Photon Etc. Permanent position 37.5 hrs / week

    College diploma in accounting

    Photon etc. is an SME born from a small team that has grown with its members and maintained its dynamism over time. Today, around forty employees constitute the heart of this engine of technological innovation where success is closely linked to the creativity and personal investment of its team.

  • System Engineer or Specialist

    TeraXion Full time

    Bachelor Degree in Physics, Physics Engineering, Electrical Engineering or else

    Job description in French only

  • Optical Engineer or Specialist

    TeraXion Full time

    Bachelor Degree in Physics, Physics Engineering, Electrical Engineering or else

    As part of the engineering team, you will take an active part in the development of new products by designing the optics and by testing experimentally the performance of prototypes and concepts.

  • Représentant

    O-M6 Technologies Temps plein

    Formation professionnelle en ventes, 2 ans d'expérience

    Description in french only

    O-M6 Technologies est à la recherche d’un(e) représentant(e) aux ventes


    – Bilingue
    – Bonne Orthographe dans les 2 langues
    – Aimer parler en public
    – Sans contraintes pour voyager
    – Voyager occasionnellement à l’extérieur du pays
    – Aime travailler en équipe
    – Entregent
    – Initiatives
    – Autonome

  • Photonic Design Engineer


    Bachelor’s in electrical engineering, physics, or material science

    By joining OPTIUS, you are contributing to a growing team of motivated entrepreneurs and researchers passionate about bringing this vision into reality

  • R&D Technician

    Telops Full time 37,5 hrs

    College diploma in industrial electronics or physics engineering

    Description in french only


  • Electronics Technician

    Telops Full time 37,5 hrs

    College diploma in industrial electronics or else

    Description in french only


  • Signal Conditioning Designer

    Telops Full time 37,5 hrs

    Bachelor Degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, or else

    Job description in french only


  • PLM - Scientific products

    Telops Full time 37,5 hrs

    Bachelor degree in sciences, engineering, or else

    Job Description in french only


  • NPI Engineer

    ITF Technologies 40 h Full time

    University degree in physics or engineering physics

    The holder of this position will be tasked with introducing new products (NPI) to the laser production line.

  • Sales Director

    Telops Full time 37.5 hrs

    Bachelor Degree in Business administration, Physics engineering or else

    Job description in french only


  • Software Developer (Backend)


    Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science

    As a Backend Developer, You will use state-of-the-art technology to deliver unique event experiences for the klik ecosystem built on proprietary connected BLE wearables and beacons, along with our award-winning event app.

    You will collaborate directly with our product and UX/UI design team to define and develop our high-growth platform that’s bringing events into the digital age.

  • Senior Software Developer


    Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

    As a Senior Software Developer your role will be to lead the development of multiple software tools used by the best lighting designers in the world, stating with the PixMob Visualizer, a 3D environment in which it’s possible to preview visual effects by our pixels in different venues (stadiums, arenas, etc)

  • Hardware Developer


    Degree in Electrical Engineering

    Our growing team is opening a great opportunity to join an innovative player in the event technology space. As a Hardware Developer, you will develop the PCBAs that power our wearable devices, as well as the transmitters that control them. Your designs will be deployed in events and permanent installations all over the world.

  • Master project for Laserax

    Laserax Master Projects

    Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Physics Engineering, or Physics

    Posting in French only

  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist

    Optech Flexible hours, 37.5hrs / week

    5 years of experience in Artificial Intelligence

    Job description in French only.

  • Manufacturing Technician

    O-m6 Technologies 37,5 hrs/week

    College diploma in electronics or physics

    Job description in French only

  • Sales representative

    O-m6 Technologies Full time

    Job description in French only

  • International Business Development Responsible


    Senior Opening, Business Development related diploma

    Job description in French only


Apply at any time: If the openings don’t match your profile, send us your resumé in an email and we’ll forward it to our business members.

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