Local Expertise Worldwide Contribution

Local Expertise Worldwide Contribution

Quebec Photonics

With a wealth of small and medium-sized enterprises and a critical mass of research centres and universities, Quebec’s photonics ecosystem contributes to the progress of many fields of application.

Photonics, a highly strategic sector, brings together more than 220 companies that generate close to $3 billion in GDP and employ more than 22,000 people.  In addition to working in many sub-sectors (vision, imaging, instrumentation, sensors, etc.), Quebec photonics companies serve on average more than three different application areas.  This diversification, due to the cross-cutting and enabling nature of photonics, is a major advantage in a context of economic globalization.

The photonics ecosystem relies on cross-sectoral partnerships and collaborative innovation among all its actors (researchers, industry, academia and government institutions).  Innovative companies and research institutions collaborate in the development of cutting-edge products and technologies that are integrated into a multitude of application areas.  The products and services developed in photonics in Quebec are recognized internationally for being at the technological forefront and for their exceptional quality, as indicated by the 92% export rate.

See Optonique’s sector study for a unique portrait of the photonics industry.

Jobs in The Sector

The photonics salary survey revealed the sector’s highest-paying job to be that of a hardware engineer. Moreover, the average salary of an employee in the sector is $78,813.

Because of its cross-disciplinary nature, photonics creates infinite possibilities. Discover the photonics sector through our member companies.