Logo Optonique

Delegation of our industrialists and researchers in Laser world of Photonics, Munich 2017

Launch of Optonique by government representatives

Technical working session between German and Quebeckers optics-photonics experts, Germany 2017

Pole of excellence in optics-photonics of Quebec

Optonique is a non-profit organization, established from the merger of the Quebec Photonic Network (QPN) and the Optics-Photonics Industry Circle (CIOP) of the Metropolitan Capital Region. It is recognized by the Government of Quebec as the in optics-photonics within the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation as part of the ACCORD approach (Concerted Action for Regional Development Cooperation) due to the willingness of both industrialists and researchers to unite around the same dynamic in order to position Quebec at the forefront of the productive and innovative strengths of the optics-photonics sector. Its main role is to federate more than 140 industries and academic centers in the sector.

The strategic axes pursued

Optonique centres its actions around four main strategic axes stemming from the analysis of industrialists’ needs during a consultation process to :

  • 1 Develop employability and continuing education
  • 2 Stimulate an increase of production and productivity
  • 3 Deploy marketing and commercialization strategies
  • 4 Spur and stimulate innovation