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February, 4, 2019

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Pole of excellence
in optics-photonics

Optonique is a non‑profit organization established jointly by Quebec’s optics‑photonics network (RPQ) and optics‑photonics industry circle (CIOP) to form an industry hub. It was created in response to a call by Quebec’s optics‑photonics entrepreneurs and researchers for a province‑wide forum that would act as a source of synergy for promoting Quebec optics‑photonics technologies and expertise at the local, national, and international level. Optonique’s main role is to unite the businesses, research centers, and academic institutions operating in Quebec’s optonics‑photonics sector. As the province’s official hub for excellence in optics‑photonics, Optonique is recognized by Quebec’s ministry of economy, science, and innovation (Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation) and receives support through the ACCORD initiative for the development of Quebec’s strategic sectors and areas of excellence.

  • Develop

    Develop employability and continuing education

  • Stimulate

    Stimulate an increase of production and productivity

  • Deploy

    Deploy marketing and commercialization strategies

  • Innovate

    Spur and stimulate innovation

About us

Become an Optonique member

Optonique offers a host of services to meet the needs of its members. The goal is to pursue a variety of activities that foster the growth and development of Quebec’s optics photonics expertise, with a four pronged strategy focusing on Employability and Continuing Education, Production and Productivity, Commercialization and Marketing, and Innovation. As an Optonique member, you can help shape the future of optics photonics in Quebec and put your ideas to work to promote the industry.

Members enjoy a variety of exclusive opportunities. See the “Become a Member” section for details.

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On now:
The Optique Patio

17 May 2018

The Optique Patio is home to three exhibitions that blend science and art to underline the importance of light in everyday life. The exhibitions give viewers the chance to understand and interact with various light based phenomena. The installation showcases the incredible optics photonics expertise on hand in the city...

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